How to Cover Up Acne On Guys

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

So you’re tired of going out in public with an acne-ridden complexion. As a guy, the breakouts aren’t helping your social life, so you’ve decided to take a leap outside your comfort zone and try using spot concealer to hide those blemishes. Congrats! You’re on your way to less stress and better self confidence!

If you’re like most guys, the phrase “cover up makeup” is enough to make you run for cover, but don’t worry; applying spot cover up to conceal acne is easy, painless and when it’s done right, it’s impossible to tell you’re wearing anything at all.

Finding the Right Acne Cover Up Product

The first step to using cover up to hide your acne is to find the right concealer. Foundation and makeup products range from liquid to powder and everything in between, but the best consistency for covering acne is a semi-solid cream cover up like our own Men Pen. Cream isn’t as dry and flaky as powder, but it offers better coverage for acne blemishes than a liquid base.

If your acne outbreaks are frequent, you may want to consider getting a cover up product that is easy to take with you. The Men Pen comes in a small, chapstick-sized tube specifically designed to be discreetly carried by men who need the occasional spot cover up.

men cover up

When it comes to quality, it pays to buy a higher end product, especially if you’re covering up acne-related blemishes. Adding extra oils and chemicals to your skin can make your acne worse, so it’s best to avoid cover up products with sub-par ingredients by purchasing a higher quality brand.

Once you’ve found a cream cover up product you’re happy with, you need to find the right tone. When using cover up to conceal acne or other blemishes, always buy cover up that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. Blemishes are typically darker than the rest of your skin tone, so using a lighter shade of cover up will help to even the scale.

First, however, you’ll need to figure out exactly what tone your skin is. Most skin tones are either yellow based or pink based; those with yellow tones tend to tan more easily, while people with pink skin tones tend to burn. Find a cover up tone that matches your own pigmentation, then test the tone against the back of your hand to find the right shade.

Applying Acne Cover Up

When applying cover up to acne blemishes, it’s best to use an applicator, such as a cosmetic sponge or a flat artist brush. Using these will make it easier to apply cover up to small, targeted areas, and it will also protect your skin from the oils and dirt on your hands.

After you’ve thoroughly washed, exfoliated and moisturized your face (to remove all oils and excess skin), apply a small amount of cover up to whatever applicator you’re using, and dab the product on a blemish. Lightly spread the cover up over and around the blemish in light, circular motions, smoothing the product into your skin at the edge of the blemish. You’ll find that a thicker layer of cover up is necessary for more prominent blemishes. The key to making your cover up unnoticeable is to blend it in evenly with the rest of your skin. The right applicator will make this easy.

If you’d like to see our own Men Pen in action as an acne cover up product, take a look at this segment of the Rachel Ray show, where we were recently featured!


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