Skin Care & Facial Hygiene for Guys: A Monthly Schedule

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

How do I prevent acne breakouts?

How do I prevent razor burn and excessive dryness?

How do I achieve smoother, healthier, glowing skin?

When it comes to hygiene, not every guy is content to let his face’s skin take care of itself. Most women work hard to maintain a clear, smooth complexion, and guys’ facial skin requires no less care. After all, your skin is one of the most delicate and sensitive organs in your body.

Preventing things like acne breakouts, razor burn, dry skin, blackheads and other blemishes requires hygiene which goes above and beyond what most men are used to doing. However, if incorporated into a daily, weekly and monthly routine, a regular skincare hygiene regimen will only add a few minutes to each day’s regular hygiene. Is having clear, soft skin worth two extra minutes each day? We think so! After all, when was the last time an employer or girlfriend complimented you on your blotchy, scaly complexion?

Smooth, clear skin is sexy, and as it turns out, it’s not that hard to maintain once you get into a regular skin care routine.

Skincare for guys: what, why and how.

Don’t assume women’s products will work just as well as guys’.

Men’s skin is generally thicker, oilier and contains larger pores than women’s skin. That means that guys are likely to need a slightly rougher exfoliant (especially if your facial hair grows quickly) and stronger oil removing agents. While it may be just fine to use women’s skincare products in some cases, keep in mind that branding is not the only difference between men’s and women’s skincare products. Stick with guy’s facial products, if you can.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Whenever you wash, mask or exfoliate your skin, you’re removing its oils. While excessive oils are a big contributor to blackheads and acne and need to be removed, your skin needs a certain amount of oil to retain its shape and tone. To compensate for removing your skin’s oils, it needs to be replenished with an oil-free moisturizer. Because your face’s skin is more delicate, it really needs facial moisturizer – hand lotion is not going to cut it.

Shave with the grain, not against.

Shaving against the way your facial hair grows makes for a smoother, closer shave – right? According to leading male skincare experts, shaving “against the grain” may cause more harm than good by causing razor burn, dry skin and blemishes. Try shaving with the way your hair grows, and be sure to rinse with cool water and a quality aftershave.

A Monthly Schedule for Guys’ Facial Hygiene

Daily: Wash and moisturize your face twice each day, morning and night. If a full wash is just too much effort, or if you’re at a sleepover, simply rinse your face with a cotton swab or washcloth bathed in toner, such as witch hazel. Toner removes all the excess oils and dirt from your face without robing it of its moisture, so often times, moisturizer is not necessary after using toner.

Weekly: Pick a day each weekend to give your skin a thorough wash with hot water and a good cleanser, and add an exfoliant to the mix as well. It’s not a good idea to exfoliate every day, since it would remove too much of your skin’s surface, but a good scrub once each week will leave your skin revitalized and smooth. Old Spice, Nivea, Clarins and many other male cosmetic lines carry facial exfoliants that work very well.

DON’T forget to moisturize thoroughly!

Monthly: No matter how good your daily routine, some of your skin’s pores will become blocked over time. Pick one hour each month to apply a pore cleansing facial mask and a pore unclogging strip. Facial masks come in a number of varieties, but the best for pore clarification and blemish control are mud masks, honey masks or a combination of the two. Mud masks absorb excess oil and clarify pores, and honey masks perform similarly, with the added benefit of honey’s natural antibacterial qualities. To apply the mask, wash your face with hot water thoroughly, then make an even coating while your face is still damp. Wait for it to dry completely, then remove it with a cool wet washcloth. And..moisturize!

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