Calling All Pinoy Salon Owners & Artists: Be a Men Pen Distributor!

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you’ve liked us on Facebook (which you really should, if you haven’t already – lots of cool stuff going on with Rockapalooza), you’ve probably noticed that the Men Pen has churned up a lot of interest in the Filipino community. We’re taking more and more orders from customers living in the Philippines every day – and, according to the feedback on our Facebook wall – a lot of guys are loving it!

Maybe masculinity in the Philippines has taken progressive leaps and bounds over more traditional “macho” stereotypes, or maybe guys in Southeast Asia just like to look their best. Whatever the reason, Filipino men seem to be a bit more hip to the idea of male grooming than guys in other parts of the world, and we’re happy to see the Men Pen making a difference for the Pinoy community.

The only problem is…we currently have no distributors in the Philippines! Despite quickly growing demand, no salons or cosmetics distributors have volunteered to pick up the Men Pen to sell from inside the country’s borders. This poses a problem for Filipino guys looking to buy the product, since shipping packages to the Philippines can be costly, take a very long time and, despite our shipping carriers’ best efforts, can easily get lost in transit. While we certainly offer shipping to most countries around the world, getting our product to the Philippines can be an exercise in frustration, both for us – the supplier – and for our Pinoy customers.

filipino male makeup

The best solution would be for a local salon or cosmetics company based in the Philippines to become a distributor. We could then connect our many sales inquiries to the distributor directly, who could provide faster, less expensive shipment of the product. Who knows? Maybe some men would even travel from their island to visit a salon that carries the Men Pen.

So, how would a distributor partnership work?

Distributors purchasing the Men Pen wholesale receive a 35%-51% discount on bulk orders. Keep in mind, however, that we are in desperate need of Philippine-based distributors, so depending on the volume a potential distributor would plan to order, we may be able to work out an even more favorable deal for interested parties.

If you or someone you know (your favorite salon owner, perhaps) might be interested in becoming a Philippine-based distributor for the Men Pen, email us at You can visit our website for more details as well.

Not sure if the Men Pen would be the right product for your cosmetics company or salon? These are some questions we recommend asking yourself before investing in a male cosmetic line.

  1. Arlene rojo says:

    I’m very interested me too 8153701482

  2. Mar says:

    lots of Filipino male are interested in this product, the problem is, your product is not available here in Philippines.

  3. Edward Keith Beduya says:

    Men Pen Pilipinas (International) very soon! Pls watch for it 🙂

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